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First Trimester Examination” is the topic for upcoming online course. I am grateful that Valentina De Robertis as the member of WAPM has prepared this course program in a good way as the coordinator of this course. I am hoping that it will be useful for your scientific activity and clinical practice. It is free of charge course.


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16 July 2020

CET Timezonezone 16 Jul 2020 – Thursday
Discussant Georgios Rembouskos, Nicola Persico
17.00 Introduction Cihat Sen
17.15 Combined test, cfDNA or both? Kypros Nicolaides
17.45 Screening and prevention of pre-eclampsia Kypros Nicolaides
18.00 First‐trimester screening for aneuploidies in twins Petya Chaveeva
18.15 Coffee and discussion
Discussant Valentina De Robertis, Nicola Volpe
18:45 Karyotype or CGH/SNP-Array or WES Francesca Romana Gratti
19:00 First trimester ultrasound: beyond common aneuploidies Georgios Rembouskos
19.15 Challenges of training in chorionic villus sampling Giovanni Monni
19:30 19.30 What to expect after PGD and also with mosaic embryo Tessa Homfray
19:45 Invasive testing in 2020 Cihat Sen
19.55 Coffee and discussion

17 July 2020

CET Timezonezone 17 Jul 2020 – Friday
Discussant Paolo Volpe, Asma Khalil
17.00 First trimester anatomy: Guidelines and standardization Francesco D’Antonio
17.15 Screening and diagnosis of CNS anomalies Nicola Volpe
17.30 Screening and diagnosis of facial anomalies Waldo Sepulveda
17.45 Screening and diagnosis of heart defects Valentina De Robertis
18.00 Coffee and discussion
Discussant Petya Chaveeva, Cihat Sen
18.30 Diagnosis of fetal abdominal anomalies Asma Khalil
18:45 Diagnosis of genitourinary anomalies Ambra Iuculano
19:00 Skeletal abnormalities in first trimester Asma Khalil
19.15 Coffee and discussion


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