Iandonald School

The Ian Donald School is designed to address the needs of a clinician who has some experience in diagnostic ultrasound, but needs additional knowledge and practice in recent sonographic developments in both obstetrics and gynecology.

Objectives of the School

to promote:

  • the science and art of ultrasound scanning
  • research and education in the field of medical ultrasound
  • continuous training in ultrasound
  • and facilitate the dissemination of information, especially by scientific publications, including Donald School Journal of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology

to provide:

  • expert advice to those entering the field of ultrasound

to increase:

  • knowledge of methodology for implementing recent ultrasound advances

to contribute:

  • to the improvement of teaching standards by the introduction of computer technology and devices for telemedicine

Ian Donald Courses 2008

Date City, Country No of participants
March 13-15 Doha, Qatar 200
April 5-6 Tirana, Albania 220
April 16-18 Yazd, Iran 330
May 8-12 Bahrein 70
May 11-13 Warsaw, Poland 320
May 15-17 Al Ain Al Sokhna, Egypt 350
May 28-31 Cartagena, Colombia 250
July 19-20 Hong Kong, China 167
August 22-23 Lima, Peru 320
September 6-7 Kathmandu, Nepal 100
October 1-4 Belgrade, Serbia 350
October 29-30 Jakarta, Indonesia 350
October 31-November 1 Khartoum, Sudan 400
November 2-3 Kawagoe, Japan 140
November 14-16 Shanghai, China 150
December 5-6 Dubai, UAE 120
December 13-14 Budapest, Hungary 120
Total 3957

Ian Donald Courses 2009

Date City, Country No of participants
January 20-22 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 160
January 24-26 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 80
April 23-25 Iguazu, Argentina 150
May 16-18 Honolulu, USA 160
May 26 Montevideo, Uruguay 220
June 1-2 Sarajevo, BiH 150s
June 4-6 Tirana, Albania 205
July 1-2 Cluj, Romania 562
July 31-August 1 Khartoum, Sudan 420
September 5-6 Agra, India 560
September 7-8 Kathmandu, Nepal 240
October 29-31 Dubrovnik, Croatia 156
November 4 Cairo, Egypt 80
November 13-15 Abu Dhabi, UAE 192
November 28-29 Lima, Peru 95
November 28-30 Oita, Japan 200
December 5-6 Istanbul, Turkey 462
December 5-7 Athens, Greece 250
December 12 Budapest, Hungary 80
Total 4422

Ian Donald Courses 2010

Date City, Country No of participants
March 11-12 Jakarta, Indonesia 240
March 12-13 Bari, Italy 200
March 17-18 Manila, Philippines 176
April 22-23 Zawia, Libya 350
June 10-11 Abu Dhabi, UAE 150
July 8 Lahore, Pakistan 154
August 27-28 Asuncion, Paraguay 150
August 30-31 Montevideo, Uruguay 120
September 10-11 Porto, Portugal 120
September 17 Mumbai, India 349
September 22 Barcelona, Spain 60
October 9 Kathmandu, Nepal 100
October 15-16 Dubai, UAE 55
October 31 Dhakka, Bangladesh 450
November 8-9 Warsaw, Poland 350
November 11-13 Beirut, Lebanon 272
November 11-14 Asuncion, Paraguay 95
November 17-19 Guayaquil, Ecuador 275
December 4-5 Hamamatsu, Japan 227
December 11 Budapest, Hungary 80
December 11 Budapest, Hungary 120
Total 4093

Ian Donald Courses 2011

Date City, Country
January 28-29 Honolulu, Hawaii
February 12-13 Lahore, Pakistan
February 22-23 Khartoum, Sudan
March 11-13 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
March 25-26 Belgrade, Serbia
April 8-9 Bahrain
May 2-3 Sarajevo, BIH
May 5-8 Dubrovnik, Croatia
May 9-10 Budva, Montenegro
May 18-21 Bucharest, Romania
May 29-31 Villasimius, Italy
June 10-12 Tirana, Albania
October 7-8 Prague, Czech Republic
October 8-9 Osaka, Japan
November 8-11 Punta del Este, Uruguay
December 1-2 Istanbul, Turkey
December 10-11 Athens, Greece

Ian Donald Library

Country Email address
School Directors
Asim Kurjak Croatia [email protected]
Frank A. Chervenak USA [email protected]
Executive Board
Ritsuko K. Pooh Japan [email protected]
Ivica Zalud USA [email protected]
Sanja Plavsic Kupesic USA [email protected]
Advisory Board
Jose Maria Carrera Spain [email protected]
Wolfgang Holzgreve Germany [email protected]
Kazuo Maeda Japan [email protected]
Giampaolo Mandruzzato Italy [email protected]
Joachim Dudenhausen Germany [email protected]
Gian Carlo Di Renzo Italy [email protected]
National Branches
Directors/Co-directors/ Secretaries
Sameer Abdullah Saudi Arabia [email protected]
Abbas Aflatoonian Iran [email protected]
Muna Al Kuwari
Ulrich Honemeyer
UAE, Dubai [email protected]
[email protected]
Magdy Alfaramawi UAE, Abu Dhabi [email protected]
Nelson Aguilar Colombia [email protected]
Badreldeen Ahmed Qatar [email protected]
Saadia Amour Sultan (Al Riyami)
Kanchana Rajan
Oman [email protected]
[email protected]
Aris Antsaklis Greece [email protected]
Shahana Afroz Bangladesh [email protected]
Ana Bianchi Uruguay [email protected]
Carmina Comas
Bernat Serra
Spain [email protected]
[email protected]
Pavel Calda Czech Republic [email protected]
Vincenzo D’Addario
Giovanni Monni
Italy [email protected]
[email protected]
Tony Duan
Chen Min
China [email protected]
[email protected]
Alaa Ebrashy Egypt [email protected]
Jadranka Dizdarevic Stojkanovic Bosnia and Herzegovina [email protected]
Orion Gliozheni Albania [email protected]
Alfredo Guzman Peru [email protected]
Tze Kin Lau Hong Kong [email protected]
Aleksandar Ljubic Serbia [email protected]
Ritsuko K. Pooh Japan [email protected]
Abdal-Latif Ashmaig Khalifa Sudan [email protected]
Narendra Malhotra India [email protected]
Berivoj Miskovic
Oliver Vasilj
Croatia [email protected]
[email protected]
Anton Mikhailov Russia [email protected]
Alexander Papitashvili Georgia [email protected]
Zoltan Papp Hungary [email protected]
Azen Salim Indonesia [email protected]
Cihat Sen
Murat Yayla
Turkey [email protected].
[email protected]
Florin Stamatian
Radu Vladareanu
Romania [email protected]
[email protected]
Yuriy P. Vdovychenko
Andrew Tkachenko
Ukraine [email protected].
[email protected]
Veljko Vlaisavljevic Slovenia [email protected]
Liliana Voto Argentina [email protected]
Miroslaw Wielgos Poland [email protected]
Ivica Zalud
Raydeen Busse
USA [email protected]
[email protected]
Roberto Cassis Martinez Ecuador [email protected]
Hari Kishor Shrestha Nepal [email protected]
Eberhard Merz Germany [email protected]
Yves Ville France [email protected]
Farah Sulaiman Youssif Bahrain [email protected]
Alexandra Matias Portugal [email protected]
Francisco Filho Mauad Brazil [email protected]
Syed Amir Gilani Pakistan [email protected]
Snezana Crnogorac Montenegro [email protected]
Karl Erwin Schweinfurth Alvarado Honduras [email protected]
Miguel Antonio Ruoti Cosp Paraguay [email protected]
Corazon Yabes-Almirante Philippines [email protected]
Mohammad Hashim Wahaaj Afghanistan [email protected]
Abdallah Adra Lebanon [email protected]
Mohamed S. Elmahaishi Libya [email protected]
Fawaz Alkazaleh Jordan [email protected]
Ha To Nguyen
Pham Viet Thanh
Vietnam [email protected]
[email protected]
Monia Ferchiou Cherif
Mounira Nouri Chaabane
Tunisia [email protected]
[email protected]
Tuangsit Wataganara Thailand
Administrative Secretary
Jadranka Cerovec Croatia [email protected]


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